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Emission Control
Part Type Qty Available
Oxygen Sensor 11,486
Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensor 4,131
Throttle Position Sensor 3,861
Mass Air Flow Sensor 3,248
EGR Valve 1,330
Air / Fuel Ratio Sensor 652
EGR Delete Kit 402
EGR Pressure Sensor 262
Part Type Qty Available
Ignition Coil 30,864
Spark Plug Wire Set 17,459
Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor 6,203
Spark Plug Wire Heat Sleeve 6,000
Engine Camshaft Position Sensor 4,627
Ignition Coil Connector 2,209
Ignition Control Module 1,810
Air and Fuel Delivery
Part Type Qty Available
Fuel Pump Strainer 418,653
Fuel Filter 66,260
Fuel Hose 48,255
Fuel Pump / Sending Unit Connector 44,556
Fuel Pressure Sensor 38,120
Electric Fuel Pump 33,104
Fuel Pump Module Assembly 30,586
Fuel Level Sensor 25,625
Fuel Pressure Regulator 20,828
Idle Air Control Valve 8,923
Fuel Injector 7,540
Fuel Pump Driver Module Connector 3,318
Fuel Injection Manifold Pressure Sensor 3,242
Fuel Pump Fitting 2,002
Fuel Tank Sending Unit Lock Ring 1,309
Fuel Pump Sender Assembly 703
Fuel Injection Throttle Body 478
Fuel Pump Hanger Assembly 294
Fuel Pump Complete Kit 234
Fuel Injection Pressure Damper 44
Belts and Cooling
Part Type Qty Available
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 10,237
Part Type Qty Available
ABS Wheel Speed Sensor 1,848
Part Type Qty Available
Engine Oil Pressure Switch 5,093
Air Charge Temperature Sensor 899
Engine Variable Timing Oil Control Valve 699
Engine Wiring Harness 684
Engine Intake Manifold Gasket 220
Part Type Qty Available
Automatic Transmission Speed Sensor 317