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Brand New Products in Manufacturer Box

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Emission Control
Part Type Qty Available
Oxygen Sensor 11,543
Throttle Position Sensor 4,515
Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensor 3,953
Mass Air Flow Sensor 3,330
EGR Valve 1,216
EGR Delete Kit 416
EGR Pressure Sensor 246
Air / Fuel Ratio Sensor 125
Part Type Qty Available
Ignition Coil 42,701
Spark Plug Wire Set 18,777
Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor 6,920
Engine Camshaft Position Sensor 4,978
Ignition Control Module 1,502
Air and Fuel Delivery
Part Type Qty Available
Fuel Pump Strainer 420,173
Fuel Filter 70,028
Fuel Hose 48,955
Electric Fuel Pump 33,110
Fuel Pressure Sensor 30,307
Fuel Pump Module Assembly 24,877
Fuel Pressure Regulator 20,285
Idle Air Control Valve 10,167
Fuel Injector 8,982
Fuel Injection Manifold Pressure Sensor 3,463
Fuel Pump Sender Assembly 770
Fuel Pump Hanger Assembly 297
Fuel Pump Complete Kit 98
Fuel Injection Pressure Damper 52
Belts and Cooling
Part Type Qty Available
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 11,305
Part Type Qty Available
ABS Wheel Speed Sensor 2,023
Part Type Qty Available
Engine Oil Pressure Switch 5,466
Air Charge Temperature Sensor 930
Part Type Qty Available
Automatic Transmission Speed Sensor 340