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Division: Emission Control
Brand: Delphi
Part Type: Oxygen Sensor
Part Number: ES20014-SG1806
Packaging: Overstock Inventory in Manufacturer’s Packaging
Sales Description: OXY DEL; 4W; FORD; ES20014; SG1806
Manufacture Number
Tomco 11021
Tomco 11047
Tomco 11098
Tomco 11139
Tomco 11178
Tomco 11200
Tomco 11201
Tomco 11203
Tomco 11210
Tomco 11214
Tomco 11220
Tomco 11224
Tomco 11228
Tomco 11274
Bosch 13117
Bosch 13127
Bosch 13133
Bosch 13600
Kem 138-125
Kem 138-126
Kem 138-136
Kem 138-138
Kem 138-209
Kem 138-210
Kem 138-281
Kem 138-283
Kem 138-286
Kem 138-293
Kem 138-294
Kem 138-295
Bosch 15186
Bosch 15714
Bosch 15715
Bosch 15716
Bosch 15717
Bosch 15718
Bosch 15752
Mazda 1F21-18-860
Mazda 1F81-18-860
Aston Martin 1R123910173
Aston Martin 1R123910174
Aston Martin 1R123910175
Ford 1R32 9G444-DA
Ford 1R3A 9G444-B2A
Ford 1R3A 9G444-D2A
Ford 1R3Z 9G444-BA
Ford 1R3Z 9G444-GA
ACDelco 2131228
ACDelco 2131317
ACDelco 2131322
ACDelco 2131328
ACDelco 2131329
ACDelco 2131367
ACDelco 2131459
ACDelco 2131495
ACDelco 213612
ACDelco 213618
ACDelco 213619
NTK 22004
NTK 22006
NTK 22016
NTK 22017
NTK 22071
NTK 22500
NTK 23120
DENSO Auto Parts 234-4001
DENSO Auto Parts 234-4070
DENSO Auto Parts 234-4071
DENSO Auto Parts 234-4127
DENSO Auto Parts 234-4609
DENSO Auto Parts 234-4610
DENSO Auto Parts 2344870
Walker Products 250-24001
Walker Products 250-24127
Ford 5F9Z 9G444-BA
Ford 5M6Z 9G444-A
Airtex 5S3278
Airtex 5S3284
Airtex 5S3311
Airtex 5S3312
Airtex 5S3315
Airtex 5S3321
Airtex 5S3345
Airtex 5S3348
Airtex 5S3350
Airtex 5S3351
Airtex 5S4356
Airtex 5S7231
Airtex 5S7233
Ford 5W6Z 9G444-BA
Mighty 691139
Mighty 691231
Mighty 691425
Ford 98AB 9G444-BB
Mazda B3S1-18-861A
Ford CY03-18-861B
Mazda CY03-18-861B9U
Ford CYO318861B
Motorcraft DY-1005
Motorcraft DY-1013
Motorcraft DY-1015
Motorcraft DY-1034
Motorcraft DY-1052
Motorcraft DY-1057
Motorcraft DY-1058
Motorcraft DY-1063
Motorcraft DY-1072
Motorcraft DY-1084
Motorcraft DY-1087
Motorcraft DY-1089
Motorcraft DY-1091
Motorcraft DY-1093
Motorcraft DY-585
Motorcraft DY-660
Motorcraft DY-661
Motorcraft DY-722
Motorcraft DY-732
Motorcraft DY-734
Motorcraft DY-744
Motorcraft DY-745
Motorcraft DY-757A
Motorcraft DY-764
Motorcraft DY-771
Motorcraft DY-800
Motorcraft DY-831
Motorcraft DY-862
Ford E6DZ 9G444-EA
Ford F07F 9F472-BA
Ford F07Z 9F472-BA
Ford F0SF 9F472-BA
Ford F0SZ 9F472-BA
Ford F0WZ 9F472-B
Ford F1SZ 9F472-B
Ford F1TZ 9F472-C
Ford F1UF 9F472-BA
Ford F1UZ 9F472-B
Ford F1VF 9F472-CA
Ford F39F 9F472-AFFV
Ford F39F 9F472-BA
Ford F39F 9F472-BB
Ford F39Z 9F472-AFF
Ford F39Z 9F472-AFFV
Ford F39Z 9F472-BFFV
Ford F3DZ 9F472-BFF
Ford F3DZ 9F472-BFFV
Ford F3DZ 9F472-CFF
Ford F3DZ 9F472-CFFV
Ford F3UF 9F472--BA
Ford F3UF 9F472--BB
Ford F3UF 9F472-BC
Ford F3UZ 9F472-B
Ford F42F 9G444-DB
Ford F45F 9F472-DA
Ford F48B 9F472-BB
Ford F48B 9F472-BC
Ford F48F 9F472-BB
Ford F48F 9F472-BC
Ford F48F 9F472-BD
Ford F48Z 9F472-B
Ford F4AF 9F472-BA
Ford F4AZ 9F472-B
Ford F4DF 9F472-BA
Ford F4DZ 9F472-B
Ford F4SF 9F472-DA
Ford F4SZ 9F472-B
Ford F4UF 9F472-BA
Ford F4UZ 9F472-B
Ford F4ZF 9F472-B
Ford F4ZF 9F472-BA
Ford F4ZF 9F472-BB
Ford F4ZF 9F472-C
Ford F4ZF 9F472-CA
Ford F4ZF 9G444-BA
Ford F4ZF 9G444-BB
Ford F4ZZ 9F472-A
Ford F4ZZ 9F472-B
Ford F4ZZ 9F472-C
Ford F4ZZ 9G444-B
Ford F5AF 9F472-BB
Ford F5AF 9G444-BA
Ford F5AF 9G444-BB
Ford F5AZ 9G444-B
Ford F5AZ 9G444-C
Ford F5MF 9F472-A2A
Ford F5MF 9F472-B
Ford F5MF 9F472-B1A
Ford F5MF 9F472-B1B
Ford F5MF 9F472-B2B
Ford F5MF 9F472-BA
Ford F5MF 9F472-BB
Ford F5MF 9F472-DA
Ford F5MZ 9F472-B
Ford F5UF 9F472-BA
Ford F5WF 9F472-BA
Ford F5WZ 9F472-BA
Ford F65F 9G444-BA
Ford F65Z 9G444-BA
Ford F68F 9F472-BA
Ford F68Z 9F472-BA
Ford F6CF 9G444-BA
Ford F6CZ 9F472-BB
Ford F6CZ 9G444-B
Ford F6CZ 9G444-BA
Ford F6CZ 9G444-EA
Ford F6DF 9G444-A2A
Ford F6DF 9G444-B1A
Ford F6DF 9G444-B2A
Ford F6DF 9G444-BA
Ford F6DF 9G444-DA
Ford F6DF 9G444-E1A
Ford F6DF 9G444-E2A
Ford F6DF 9G444-EA
Ford F6DZ 9G444-B
Ford F6DZ 9G444-E2A
Ford F6DZ 9G444-EA
Ford F6MZ 9F472-B
Ford F75F 9G444-BA
Ford F75Z 9G444-BA
Ford F77F 9F472-BA
Ford F77Z 9F472-BA
Ford F77Z 9F472-CA
Ford F78F 9F472-BA
Ford F78F 9F472-CA
Ford F78Z 9F472-BA
Ford F7RZ 9G444-BA
Ford F7RZ 9G444-BB
Ford F7XZ 9G444-EA
Ford F85F 9G444-BA
Ford F85Z 9G444-BA
Ford F85Z 9G444-E
Ford F85Z 9G444-F
Ford F88F 9F472-BA
Ford F88Z 9F472-BA
Ford F8RF 9G444-BB
Ford F8RZ 9G444-BB
Niehoff FE1300
Niehoff FE1306
Niehoff FE1308
Niehoff FE6155
Niehoff FE80305
Niehoff FE80413
Niehoff FE80519
Niehoff FE8052
Niehoff FE809
Niehoff FE869
Niehoff FE870
Ford FLUF 9F472-BA
Ford FO7F9F472BA
Ford FO7Z9F472BA
Ford FOSF9F472BA
Ford FR8F 9G444-BB
Ford FR8Z 9G444-BB
Ford FZAF 9F472-BA
Ford L3H6-18-861A
Mazda L3TT-18-861
Borg Warner OS109
Borg Warner OS122
Borg Warner OS123
Borg Warner OS124
Borg Warner OS134
Borg Warner OS136
Borg Warner OS152
Borg Warner OS163
Borg Warner OS166
Borg Warner OS168
Borg Warner OS170
Borg Warner OS176
Borg Warner OS181
Borg Warner OS182
Borg Warner OS206
Borg Warner OS2154
Borg Warner OS2171
Borg Warner OS218
Borg Warner OS219
Borg Warner OS228
Borg Warner OS853
Oextra REA1002
Oextra REA1004
Oextra REA1011
Oextra REA1016
Oextra REA1146
Standard Motor Products SG107
Standard Motor Products SG1321
Standard Motor Products SG1338
Standard Motor Products SG145
Standard Motor Products SG177
Standard Motor Products SG178
Standard Motor Products SG179
Standard Motor Products SG1802
Standard Motor Products SG1803
Standard Motor Products SG1804
Standard Motor Products SG1806
Standard Motor Products SG221
Standard Motor Products SG23
Standard Motor Products SG265
Standard Motor Products SG267
Standard Motor Products SG29
Standard Motor Products SG429
Standard Motor Products SG631
Standard Motor Products SG660
Standard Motor Products SG95
Wells SU2009
Wells SU2029
Wells SU2075
Wells SU2077
Wells SU2098
Wells SU2143
Wells SU226
Wells SU2274
Wells SU251
Wells SU272
Wells SU278
Wells SU281
Wells SU6513
Wells SU8721
Wells SU8723
Ford XR3F 9G444-B1B
Ford XR3F 9G444-BA
Ford XR3Z 9G444-BA
Ford XR3Z 9G444-BB
Ford XR3Z 9G444-JA
Jaguar XR81557
Mazda ZZC4-18-861
Mazda ZZMF-18-861
Mazda ZZMG-18-861
Mazda ZZMJ-18-861
Mazda ZZMK-18-861
Mazda ZZMN-18-861
Mazda ZZP0-18-861
Mazda ZZP1-18-861
Year Make Model Engine Trim

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