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Division: Air and Fuel Delivery
Brand: Herko Automotive
Part Type: Fuel Injector
Part Number: INJ542
Packaging: Brand New in Manufacturer’s Packaging
Sales Description: INJ542; IWP044 FUEL INJECTOR, VW 1.6/1.8 POINTER
Manufacture Number
OEM 0279980311
OEM 501.008.02
Herko Automotive INJ542
Volkswagen Van 1.6LHatchback
1996-2005 Volkswagen Gol 1.6LHatchback
1994-2003 Volkswagen Gol 1.8LImmobiliare
1996-1999 Volkswagen Parati 1.6LImmobiliare
1999-2005 Volkswagen Parati 1.6LImmobiliare
1995-1999 Volkswagen Parati 1.8LImmobiliare
1999-2005 Volkswagen Parati 1.8LImmobiliare
1996-2001 Volkswagen Polo Saloon 1.6LSaloon
1996-2001 Volkswagen Polo Saloon 1.8LSaloon
1998-2001 Volkswagen Polo Saloon 1.8LSaloon
1996-1998 Volkswagen Quantum 1.8LImmobiliare
1998-2001 Volkswagen Quantum 1.8LImmobiliare
1998-2006 Volkswagen Santana 1.8LSaloon
1996-2003 Volkswagen Saveiro 1.6LPiattaforma
1997-2000 Volkswagen Saveiro 1.8LPiattaforma
2000-2005 Volkswagen Saveiro 1.8LPiattaforma
Year Make Model Engine Trim

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