Air and Fuel Delivery
Part Type Available
Air Filter 2,585
Diesel Vacuum Pump Pod 6
Direct Injection High Pressure Fuel Pump 531
Electric Fuel Pump 61,903
Fuel Filter 1,945
Fuel Injection Manifold Pressure Sensor 11,992
Fuel Injection Throttle Body 1,372
Fuel Injection Throttle Body Mounting Gasket 87
Fuel Injection Throttle Bypass Valve 118
Fuel Injector 112,411
Fuel Injector Control Module 128
Fuel Injector O-Ring 1,494
Fuel Injector Retaining Bracket 12
Fuel Level Float 2,871
Fuel Level Sensor 596
Fuel Pressure Regulator 5,059
Fuel Pressure Sensor 4,188
Fuel Pump Check Valve 8
Fuel Pump Driver Module 6
Fuel Pump Hanger Assembly 5,299
Fuel Pump Module Assembly 79,289
Fuel Pump Pulsator 57
Fuel Pump Push Rod 1,107
Fuel Pump Sender Assembly 12,306
Fuel Pump Strainer 236,624
Fuel Tank Sending Unit Lock Ring 1,004
Fuel Tank Sending Unit Seal 958
Fuel Transfer Unit Tube 788
Idle Air Control Valve 3,589
Mechanical Fuel Pump 16,899
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